School Counseling Office Design

School Counseling Office Design

In designing my school counselor office, I kept in mind that there needed to be several elements that provided an intimate home-like setting. One item that was not included in the Virtual School would be a lamp. I believe that different lighting can set a tone of calmness, that may be needed for certain situations.  Items that I included, such as plants and the chase lounge provide comfort and hopefully inspire relaxation; also, promoting freedom in sharing issues.  In addition to designing my office with plants and comfortable seating, I included a television/projection screen, to aide in providing services to students, and to have available if needed for meetings with administrators, parents, and other vital stakeholders.  I must admit that I would place the television and chase/sofa in front of the door, so that when students walk by, they would hopefully stop by and ask questions, or spark conversations among themselves about the "cool" offiice. Another item that I would add to my office, that was not included, would be a table, if possible, in order to conduct formal meetings with stakeholders.  I have included the basic essentials in an office, such as a desk, chairs for clients and myself, a bookshelf to store important resources, an easel, and posters.  I would place my desk at an angle where I can see out and people can see my face, but where privacy still exists for any student that may be in my office.  Additionally, I would definitely add more posters, that are inspiring, and also informative of the expectations of myself, the student, and our meetings. It would be my overall goal to make my office feel like a place where students can come and feel comfortable to chat about academic, social/personal, and career concerns.

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    April 24, 2016